Thursday, April 9, 2009

Characters with Character

Fun and Funky Framed Alphabet Art!

Create a unique, personalized piece of artwork by spelling your name from an eclectic collection of photographed letters. This collection of letters has been compiled by Sara after photographing many different interesting, and rustic signs across the state.

The finished piece is matted and framed in black with glass, and would make a fun addition to anyone's wall. For three or four letters, there is also a "floating frame" option in which the photos "float" between two pieces of glass.

It's a great gift idea for those people who have everything!

You are not limited to only spelling a name--many words make nice art pieces, like "FAMILY", "LOVE", "LAUGH", "FRIENDS", etc. Also, you could use initials or a single letter.



(Above: Floating Frame)


The frames are available for words up to 8 characters, and are priced according to the number of letters. The dimensions and pricing for the frames are below:

Frame Dimensions:
(dimensions shown in inches)
1 Letter -- 8x8
2 Letters -- 10x8
3-4 Letters -- 16x8
5 Letters -- 18x8
6 Letters -- 20x8
7-8 Letters -- 29x7

Frame Pricing:
1-2 Letters -- $20
3-5 Letters -- $50
6-8 Letters -- $60

(I will be able to hand-deliver in the DFW metroplex, and in the Temple/Belton area. Shipping costs will be added if shipping is necessary to other locations.)

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please email me!


  1. I have a "CHRIS" name-frame in my cubicle at work that I always get compliments on that Sara made for me. I love it.

  2. Why don't I have one of these yet? I think I need one - they are really neat!

  3. This is such an awesome idea! Very cute!!!